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Kyle Greenwell was born in Alton, IL in 1980 to his parents Rodney Greenwell and Donna Bollinger.  He was very fortunate to grow up with six amazing siblings: Margaret Hashman, Jason Greenwell, Jamie Sadoski, Casey Crone, Sarah Harp, and Donnie Myatt.

​Coming from a big family with a musical background made it easy for Kyle to figure out what he wanted to do with his life.  His early childhood heroes were Garth Brooks and George Straight.  Country music was what was always playing around the house so naturally he loved country music.

​When he was sixteen he purchased an album that would pave the way for something completely different for his life.   James Bonamy, new to the Nashville scene came out with his “What I Live To Do” album and Kyle recalls how tasteful the music and lyrics were.  He hoped and prayed one day that he might get the same opportunity.

​During his late teen years his life would take a drastic change when he laid eyes on his future wife Amber Adams.  “She was always inviting me to church”.  The very first time he went to church with her, he received Jesus into his heart.

​Over the course of the next seven years Kyle enjoyed opening for several national touring acts as the front man for a local country band.  He was singing at a fundraiser for breast cancer when he met his dear friend and producer, Nashville singer songwriter, Charlie Brown.  Kyle says “We just hit it off from the start”.  He’s my greatest encourager and truly believes in me”.  Charlie also attends River of Life Family Church and encouraged Kyle to pursue his dream and release an album.

​Fast forward to present day- Kyle serves as a praise and worship leader at River of Life Family Church in Alton IL.  He is forever grateful for his wife and soul mate Amber Greenwell who introduced him to the Lord when he was sixteen.  With amazing days of worshipping the Lord together God has blessed them with three beautiful daughters:  Emma, Grace, and Mia Greenwell.  Kyle is very excited about his debut album “I Know Where you Are” and prays that many will be changed for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through his